In 2006 Jayne completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design. While at Art School she was drawn to Pop Art and Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe Paintings and Screen prints. The Luscious lips and his use of vibrant vivacious colour led her to look at the place of beauty and glamour in today's consumer society and its effect on building our own identity - "I was painting and drawing multiple lips with pencil and paint in an attempt to signify the beautiful surfaces of the things we love to own, to consume, to build our own world. It then evolved into using my own lips to kiss the canvas and paper using lipstick thus short-circuiting the need to paint and draw multiple lips. I use my own lips as a ‘printer’."
The works up close look distorted or grainy almost like a fuzzy screen. Nowhere near perfect. The act of putting on lipstick - constructing our own identity - kissing the surface of the canvas represents the love for the 'beautiful things' with which we surround ourselves. Jayne started out using just one lipstick colour composing monochromatic pictures but eventually got her hands on as many colours as she could. Since then she has been collecting examples from the images and constructing from them as models from which she could paint. With the exaggerated size of the artworks as well as the careful placing and perfecting of each lip print Jayne glorifies the surface and the objects of desire that are portrayed.

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